Seder 2020
Please see homepage of this website for link for Seder dinner. Instructions are in red.
Deadline for online Seder is Tuesday April 7th by 11PM
 Online Seder Wednesaday April 8th
Due to the ever changing situation surrounding COVID-19 we are offering our Seder event online through Fuze. You will be able to login from the comfort of your own Seder table and follow the Seder service. Truly the coming together of our community during such a unique time in history. We are asking a nominal fee for each household. When you register you will receive an email detailing the event.  Included will be a menu, recipe, and a sample of the Haggada. If you have any questions please contact Questions are typically answered within 24hours. Blessings and Shalom!
Asheville and Pacolet on site Seder events have been cancelled
Due to new ordinances put into effect we will be unable to host a Seder dinner onsite in Asheville and Pacolet. We are hosting a Fuzed in Seder that you may participate in.  If the current situation changes we may hold a Pesach Sheni event (Seder dinner May 8th read Numbers 9:9-12).  This is an ever evolving situation. Thank you for your understanding during this interesting time.