This page will be continually updated.  The weekly portions are based on the Complete Jewish Bible formatting.  The goal is 7 pages of reading from the Brit Hadashah each week.
The dates listed below are the first day of each week.
Week of  October 20th:   Mattityahu 1-5
Week of October 27th:    Mattityahu 6-11
Week of November 3rd:  Mattityahu 12-15
Week of November 10th: Mattityahu 16-21
Week of November 17th: Mattityahu 22-25
Week of November 24th: Mattityahu 26- Mark 1
Week of December 1st:   Mark 2-6
Week of December 8th:   Mark 7-11
Week of December 15th: Mark 12-16
Week of December 22nd: Luke 1-3
Week of December 29th:  Luke 4-6
Week of January 5th:    Luke 7-10
Week of January 12th:  Luke 11-14
Week of January 19th:  Luke 15-20
Week of January 26th:  Luke 21-27
Week of February 2nd:  Luke 28-34
Week of February 9th:  Yochanan 1-4
Week of February 16th: Yochanan 5-8
Week of February 23rd: Yochanan 9-12
Week of March 1st:    Yochanan 13-18
Week of March 8th:    Yochanan 19-21 and Acts 1-2
 Week of March 15th:  Acts 3-7
Week of March 22nd:  Acts 8-11
Week of March 29th:  Acts 12-16