This page will continue to update as the situation is ever evolving....
Pacolet location is now open for Shabbat service.  The reopening of this location and future locations will be a slow process.  Below are the guidelines for the reopen of our Pacolet location.
 The following are guidelines discussed on a recent call with Governor McMasters. While
the Governor stated the authorities will in no way interfere with churches reopening and
beginning to meet soon, some basic safety precautions should most definitely be
considered and taken. Doing this will hopefully allow churches to avoid any legal
liabilities moving forward.
Recommendations to Consider Before Reopening:
1 . Development of a Written Plan : This is critical to being able to consistently and
clearly communicate your plan to your members and regular attenders.
** As a part of your written plan have a way to identify who is worshipping with you each
service. In the event someone does get infected and tests positive, you are better able
to trace and inform those who came into contact with them.
2 . Timeline: While the timing is flexible concerning when each church chooses to
begin reopening and churches remain autonomous in the making of this decision,
please keep in mind reopening is recommended to be done in phases.
Phase One : Worship Only
Phase Two : Sunday School & Children’s Activities
Phase Three : Complete Reopening
2 . Congregation Size: The reopening maximum size is highly recommended to be
no more than 20- 30%
This will impact our larger churches more so given the numbers of regular attenders
and the size of their sanctuary, leading to holding multiple services to accommodate all
that wish to gather.
Some of our smaller churches will be able to accommodate a larger percentage of
attendees given their membership size and sanctuary capacity, but are still expected
and encouraged to following the recommendations below.
It is recommended that none of our churches reopen on Mother’s Day . The tendency to
over shoot the maximum percentage recommended may be much greater and even
greater precautions will need to be put in place even sooner opening the door to
oversights and possible mistakes. *Again this is just a recommendation ---the
decision belongs to the individual church . Given that God has so successfully sustained
our churches financially and physically, there is no reason to rush too quickly to reopen.
When you do set a date to Reopen-Plan to continue Practicing Social Distancing
3. Doors: Designate certain doors to be open and used by everyone: This will prevent
people from having to open or touch the doors and allow less contamination. Have
ushers man the doors.
4. Bathroom Usage : Have someone man each bathroom and limit the numbers in
each bathroom at one time based on space and facilities. This will help minimize
unnecessary gathering and unhealthy proximity.
5. Tithes & Offering Process : DO NOT pass the plates to avoid touching and
spreading of unnecessary germs. *Place Plate or Basket at a designated location or
have ushers stand at exits where folks can simply drop their Tithes and Offerings in as
they exit.
6. Hymnal Usage : If possible, use screens to project words of songs on to in order to
prevent handling of Hymn books.
7. Pew Spacing : Rope or tape off every other pew so as people sing or touch pews,
they are not spewing or spreading germs as easily. Families can sit next to one
another, but non family should be encouraged to space themselves from other families
or individuals at least 6 feet if possible. Use your best judgment though if space is an
until further notice.
9. Lord’s Supper : Use disposable items like kits with cup and wafer on top so no one
has to touch a plate.. *Ushers with gloves can hand these out to folks as they arrive.
OF ORDER” to avoid people using them and exposing each other to greater risk of
infection. If your church is able to provide bottled water, designate a station for small
bottles and communicate where water can be obtained.
12. Mask Usage : While this is not considered a requirement, it is strongly
recommended if folks can physically tolerate wearing one. Encourage people to bring
their own or make masks available at the church. If someone is unable to wear a mask
or chooses not to wear one, then ask them to sit by themselves or with family they’ve
already been exposed to safely.
13. Multiple Services: If you are having multiple services, allow enough time between
services for cleaning to avoid spreading germs to the next service
As you can see, there is much more to reopening than just starting back up as you
have in the past. Many precautions must be taken to ensure to the best of your ability
the safety of your members and guests as well as safeguard your church against
lawsuits, warranted or not.
Being prepared is your best defense and your responsibility. Please take this seriously
when considering your plans for reopening. You cannot communicate your plan or these
recommendations and details too much. Do so frequently for the health and safety of
everyone, as well as the church in general.